Oakwood Cemetery: 

7603 W Higgins Lake Dr., Roscommon, MI 48653

Township Hall: 7851 W Higgins Lake Dr., Roscommon, MI 48653

Township Mailing: PO Box 48, Higgins Lake, MI 48627



Lot Pricing

Resident/Property Owner






Cremation Lot – Resident/Property Owner



Cremation Lot – Non-Resident/Non-Property Owner



Certificate Transfer Fee



Internment (dates subject to lifting of frost laws)


Full Burials, Summer, April 1-Nov 14



Cremains, Summer, April 1-Nov 14



Weekend/Holiday Full Burial



Weekend/Holiday Cremation Burial



Winter Burial unavailable. See storage Information below



Full Burial







Dennis Dailey, Sexton

989-821-9694 ext. 206


Doug Schnell, Clerk

989-821-9694 ext. 201


Deceased persons from the Winter Months retained in storage in the Chapel awaiting spring burial 

All bodies that have been placed into storage during the winter months must be buried or removed by June 1st (NO EXCEPTIONS).

Funeral Homes: Contact the township office at 989-821-9694 to verify lot number and to schedule a burial date/time that works for all involved.

**Prices are subject to change by Order of the Lyon Township Board.

Approved date: Approved date: 10/18/17

Effective 11/19/17


Raised stones must go at the head of the grave. All foot stones must be flush mount only.

Thank You

Dennis Dailey, Sexton